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Frequently Asked Questions

Know you want a custom piece, but just need to know how to measure? Jump straight to our Measuring Guide

What is bespoke design?

Standard retail brands for clothing use varying commercial pattern blocks to make their items. These blocks use general averages to create garments that give many people fit issues--tight shoulders, waist in the wrong place, etc.
We do the opposite and instead collect measurements to create custom and semi-custom pieces. These garments demonstrate the beauty of a well fitting piece of clothing and have the added benefit of promoting body positivity. You will feel confident in clothes that actually fit!

What types of garments do you make?

Ladies clothing of all types with a specialty towards throwback silhouettes of the 1930s-60s. This can include:
  • Gowns (bridal/bridesmaid, formal) 
  • Theme party dresses
  • Day dresses
  • Corporate wardrobes
  • Upscale loungewear
  • ...anything else you can think of!

We do not currently make garments for men or children.

How does measuring work?

We offer measuring in our Brooklyn studio, but we are happy to accept measurements that you submit. For help measuring yourself, please visit our measuring guide for a downloadable PDF. If you're confident, you and a friend can take these measurements yourself. Or, you can print the guide and have your local tailor measure you. We also always ask for photos to get a sense of how your measurements are distributed.

How long will it take for me to get my order?

Estimated production times will be discussed during your initial consultation. Production times can range from 2-3 weeks for simple items to several months for complex garments like gowns. We are a small indie studio with no assembly line factory, so please keep in mind that your garment is given incredibly personal attention and made by one person, start to finish.

What is your policy on returns?

We will work as a team to conceptualize your perfect garment(s) and then anywhere from 10-50+ hours will go into making the piece in our production queue. Given the fully custom nature of each piece, we cannot accept returns. We do happily make changes free of charge if you are not happy with your final garment.

Where do you ship?

Currently DDC ships domestically to all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. 

What if I want to tailor my custom garment further?

You can very easily! All of our non-stretch pieces have wide 1" seam allowances on side seams, allowing ample room for further tailoring or altering the garment in the future. Your local alterations shop will have no problem altering those seams. This also provides some flexibility in cases where incorrect measurements were entered during the ordering process.

Knitwear items with stretch are finished with serged/overlocked seams and are therefore able to tailor down in size, but not always up. 

Can you do rush orders?

Short answer: sometimes. Message us to discuss.
Longer answer: as a tiny custom studio, our production times are variable and based on volume. Unfortunately, it will sometimes be impossible to make a rush order happen. Other times we might be able to squeeze something in for a rush fee. We are always happy to discuss.

I'm a curvy lady. Do you work in my size?

Yes, and very happily. This is what we are here for! We are committed to providing a positive experience for ladies who have felt disappointed by the current state of the fashion industry, and we absorb extra fabric costs for larger sizes.

What causes do you support?

A portion of all of our sales are donated to:
  • Days for Girls, providing girls and women worldwide with access to quality sustainable hygiene & health education. We also sew their kits with our scraps!
  • New York City Animal Care and Control to help support homeless animals and combat the needless euthanasia of loving pets. Please #adoptdontshop!

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