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Hi, I'm Miranda. I’m a NYC-based designer of custom clothing. I'm thrilled to welcome you to my indie studio.

I'm heavily inspired by traditional American fashion silhouettes from the 1930s to 1950s. I like tea, naps, and helping ladies feel sassy through well made clothes.

The mission of Dressy Dames is to empower women through body positivity and quality work(wo)manship. Fast fashion has had a damaging effect on our consumer habits, the environment, and human rights around the world. Custom and made-to-measure clothing has the opposite effect: you invest in timeless pieces created to your own measurements and hand stitched in a small independent studio.

Our clothes actually fit your body and shape, not a commercial block intended to fit an average set of measurements.

Dressy Dames pieces are vintage-inspired, but never costume-y (unless you want them to be); investment pieces, but affordably so.

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to get in touch with questions. If you're looking for general answers on our process, ordering, or measuring, have a look at our FAQs or Measuring Guide.